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Quick Review


In this tutorial we are going to continue exploring web mapping so that we can find some cool new stuff to do with the maps.  Before we move on to the new things I want to step back and make sure that we are all on the same page.  This is not going to be an extensive review but it will help to refresh your memory in case you have forgotten something from the last lesson.  I have linked back to some sections to make it easier to review if you need to.

  1. HTML Basics
    a) We will be developing in notepad, you may use any text editor you would like (do not use a word processor like Word.)
    b) Make sure you follow the tag structure and close all tags.
  2. The API
    a) We will be using OpenLayers again.
    b) Check for a quick review on linking the javascript if you need to.  
  3. Initializing a map
    a) Grab the code and reuse the same code from before.
    b) Let's use the ArcGIS tiles, they look so much better.  Code located here.
  4. How to save and view your map
    a) Remember to Save as type "All Files".
    b) View in any browser.
  5. Adding WMS Layers
    a) Be mindful of the difference between  assLayer( aLayerName) and addLayers([ aLayerName, bLayerName]).
    b) Don't forget to avoid pink tiles.  We'll see some more error handling in this tutorial.
  6. Adding KML Layers
    a) Keep track of your login information!
    b) Remember to upload all elements of your map.
  7. Adding Markers
    a) You can use any marker image by changing the externalGraphic property.
    b) You must handle events to make your marker show a popup.
  8. Adding image overlays
    a) Don't forget to project your image in the correct projection if needed.
    b) Keep in mind that the size property is defining the smallest size your image will be shown
  9. Adding your map to a blog
    a) This is you are learning how to do this!  to publish your map either to a blog or other web page. 

Now that we're done with the review it's time to move on to new exciting stuff!  We will start with map controls here.